At All Things Wonderful we love teaching others the art of designing and creating your own Deco Mesh Wreaths. We welcome all students from Novices through to Professionals. All of our students will leave their class with a wreath that they will be proud to show their family and friends.


Wreath Classes:

Our Wreath Classes are limited to 4 students per class.  The smaller class creates a friendly atmosphere and gives me more time to spend with each student.

The tuition cost for a Wreath Class is $40/student which is payable at checkout.


Private Tuition:

If you prefer a more private class we also offer private tuition which includes one on one instructing. 


Workshops are now being held every Wednesday Morning for the month of November.  Class starts at 9:00am and usually goes for 3 hours.

At this time of the year the theme for the wreaths is Christmas.  Below are some examples of what you can make.


There is the more traditional one using a pine needle wreath, then there is the elf bottom and the third one is a deco mesh wreath with a Christmas centre

If there is a particular item you would like to incorporate into your wreath, please bring it along and I will do my best to make it happen.