Deco Mesh

Welcome to the wonderful new world of Deco Mesh - sometimes known as Poly Deco Mesh. This is a synthetic product made from plastic.  It is a fabric like plastic with an open weave.  The wider the weave the cheaper the product, however, it is better to have a dense mesh as this will give you a better coverage in your final product.  

Deco Mesh wreaths are becoming more popular in Australia as customers are realising the charm and individuality of having a unique wreath.  These wreaths are perfect for not only seasonal decor and holidays but can be used for parties, weddings, flower bouquets, any type of gift basket, window decor, banister decoration and so much more!

Our Poly mesh in 9.1m x 25cm and 9.1m x 53cm wide rolls.  There is a large variety of colours and combinations of colours in the plain variety and then there is a magnitude of selection in the foil range of Deco Mesh.  The foil variety comes in Standard Metallic, Deluxe Metallic and there is also a variety of rolls in the premium range.

Our Deco Mesh will blend with other mediums and will hold its shape well.  It can be re-fluffed and will look like new again. You can twist it into a wreath, use it with floral foam or drape the Deco Mesh around just about any object in your house to give a co-ordinated finished effect to your seasonal home decor.