Here you'll find all of UITC™'s specialised wreath making boards. Each is designed with endless possibilities; if you can picture it, UITC™ boards can help you create it. No more pipe cleaners and no more messy backs!  Zip ties (6"-8" length) are used to affix your deco mesh/burlap and accessories to the boards. They fit perfectly through the pre-drilled guide holes and secure your materials fast and reliably.

These boards are 100% recycled plastic, completely waterproof and make for the ideal base for any wreath.  They come in 4 varieties 

  • Triangle Board
  • Character Board
  • Cross
  • Large and Small Flower Board

I have a good supply of the above boards are these are available from my on line shop, follow this link   



The other exciting product is the DIGITAL IMAGE CENTRE INSERTS

These are available at https://uniqueinthecreek.com/r?id=55db3f 

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As they are a digital product you are purchasing a digital file that you print out the image to enable you to use on your board

This link is an affiliate link which means that if you choose to buy from this link then I will get paid a commission.  There is no extra charge to you.

Also by using this link and entering the code AFFILIATESALE you will receive a 10% discount at checkout.

Please note that this site is in Canada and all prices are in Canadian dollars.

You will also see that there are 100's of tutorials that are free for everyone.

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