UITC™Measure Buddy

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The Measure Buddy is a collapsible measurement device with easily visible 25mm (1″) incremental numbers measuring 20mm (8″) to an extended 58mm (20″). It is entirely constructed out of light weight and durable recycled plastic so it doesn’t weigh you down OR take up a lot of space! You can extend the device arms to any measurement in between, need 23mm (9″) ribbon, extend 25mm (1″) and you’re ready to wrap and cut, need 38mm (15″) inch decomesh, extend 17mm (7″) and you’re ready to wrap and cut. That’s right, right from the roll, you wrap your material repeatedly around the Measure buddy end to end for the number of pieces you need and cut at both ends, there even a slit at the end for your scissors to fit AND handy clips to hold the material in place for you!


20cm (8")


100% Recycled Plastic



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